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China Manufacturing Since 1990

Synplus developed the ability to do reptile patterns on leather and suede in the early 1990s and was the leading exporter of garments in this look through most of the decade. We have taken that printing concept and brought it into current trends. Pig skin is the natural base due to its inexpensive cost, but we can print or emboss on lamb and goat as well. We can duplicate a reptile pattern on leather and suede using a one color print or up to a five color print. We can even add metallic to your snake print. Prints can be done with full coverage or minimal coverage. We can print or emboss or combine printing and embossing on any color skin with any color print pattern. To get the most texture and softness in leather and suede with a reptile pattern, we can emboss the pattern with tonal definition. It results in a tonal color outline to the pattern and a good high/low textured effect. Our reptile patterns include: snake, python, cobra, lizard and crocodile, all printed or embossed on leather, suede, faux leather and faux suede. Our library of swatches is extensive. Please call or email for swatches.


Embossed Croco Suede Emerald Green

Snake Printed
Suede Grey

Snake Printed Embossed Metallic Leather

Python Snake Printed Suede Large Tan


Printing on leather, suede, faux leather and faux suede is a specialty of Synplus. We can print ANY pattern, such as your logo, art repetitions, floral patterns, paisley patterns, camouflage pattern or any current trend. The printing options are endless.