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China Manufacturing Since 1990

Synplus manufactures finished garment programs with direct embroidery, screen printing or hand painting in volume. We can add these embellishments to any part of a leather or faux leather garment at a minimal price. If you supply the artwork or graphics we can generate the digitized design for embroidery, create the screen for printing, or interpret your artwork into a hand painted pattern which can be duplicated precisely in bulk production. If you prefer an embroidered patch we are experienced in regular canvas and chenille patches to be applied to your garment design.

Our factories have perfected interpreting your artwork into direct embroidery, screen prints or hand painted patterns, which can be duplicated in bulk.

For an authentic textured hand painted garment we have a painting factory in Guangzhou for inexpensive mass duplication of any pattern in acrylic paint on leather or faux leather garments. Once your design has be interpreted into a piece to be duplicated the artists paint one color at a time to create your finished garment work of art. The garment is then sealed with an acrylic finish to prevent cracking or chipping of the paint over time. We can also hand paint on canvas, denim, or any fabric imaginable which can be turned into patches and applied to the finished garment. Hand painting used to be a couture concept due to the expense, but Synplus has developed the ability to hand paint in volume inexpensively and precisely. The artist known as WEEZ is the Creative Director, generating the initial artwork to be duplicated in China. Please view her creations in our gallery. Synplus can turn your logo and graphics into wearable art.