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China Manufacturing Since 1990


Synplus is the leading supplier of high quality pig split men’s and women’s outerwear, jackets and sportswear manufactured in China. We have been manufacturing pig split garments for over 20 years. Synlplus pig split quality is guaranteed.

  • We use only second layer pig split to ensure the least amount of pore hole and the softest hand feel.
  • All pig split is produced in the same tannery year after year to ensure total control of quality, color consistency and delivery.
  • We offer our regular pig split and a premium washable pig split, which is indeed machine washable, but is often used for its superior hand feel and intense color.
  • There is a vast supply of rawhides where our factories are based, which allows us to handle high volume programs.
  • Our dying process creates intense color depth with minimal pore hole.
  • We control cutting direction and placement on every single garment.


We work hard to bring new suede and split development to designers and product managers for brands and direct retailers every season.

Our ability to coat split and make it look like leather is what we call Smooth Split. See our full page on Coated Pig Split. We also offer the following tanning techniques in pig split:

  • Tie Dye Split
  • Snake, Python, Croco and Lizard Printed and Embossed Split
  • Pearlized Split – looks like leather
  • Metallic Split – looks like leather
  • Split bonded to Faux Fur or Faux Sherpa


If you are in need of style inspiration you can choose from our vast library of styles or we can utilize your patterns and tech packs. Our factories’ expert pattern makers can interpret any photo or sketch into a fabulous garment with a perfect fit. They understand the pattern curves for the right fit in the plus size men’s and women’s market with balancing from front to back and maximum rise curve. We can piece pig split with leather, ponte, rib and even crochet. We work hard to stay ahead of trend. If you see it in the market we can produce it.


Our factories are experts in all finishing and embellishment techniques on pig split garments such as:

  • Quilting
  • Ruffles
  • Studding and Grommets
  • Whipstitch, Braiding and Lacing
  • Piping
  • Beading
  • Zig Zag Stitch
  • Pinked and Raw Edges
  • Embroidery
  • Screen Printing
  • Hand painting
  • Laser Cutting and Hand Punch Patterns


Synplus manages every single detail of the order process from concept and costing to inspection, packing, documentation and logistics. Split quality is submitted for your approval prior to sampling and production. Lab dips in exact split quality are submitted for your color approval prior to sampling and production. Synplus manufactures garments with YKK, Talon and YBS accessories or you can choose a less expensive option from the factory’s accessory supplier, which is guaranteed to pass all full package testing programs. We offer a wide selection of linings to hit your price point. Whether you need an inexpensive polyester taffeta, a washed cotton sheeting or a nice silk/spandex stretch lining, our local mills supply it. If you prefer an unlined garment the factories are experienced in making a clean finish interior with or without binding.


Synplus is a Quick Time Supplier in pig split garments. Lead time on bulk and sales sample orders is only 90 days FOB China including dip and fit. REORDER LEADTIME IS AN AMAZING 30 DAYS FOB. Pig Split minimum order quantities are 250 garments per color per style and maximum capacity per month is 30,000 garments. We purchase labels and hangtags from your nominated supplier in China or we can duplicate labels and hangtags locally in China. Our factories are socially compliant and work daily with testing companies such as BV, SGS and Intertek on garment testing for our customers. We work with Fineline for ticketing and labeling and we are EDI compliant.