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China Manufacturing Since 1990


An antique or vintage look on leather, suede, faux leather and faux suede can be created using many different processes. Dyeing skins with vegetable dyes or vegetable tanning leather creates a bubbled effect with slight unevenness in color, giving it a vintage look. Vegetable tanning can be done with lamb or pig leather and it is environmentally friendly, as the dyes are chromium free. Synplus was one of the very first China garment manufacturers to offer vegetable tanned leather or “green leather” back in the 90’s. Double dyeing leather is another way to achieve a vintage or antique look. Double dying creates an under color and top color. The under color, usually lighter than the top color, will bleed through or pull up on stressed seams as in a real vintage jacket. Synplus can also achieve this look on faux leather by using a light base fabric covered with a dark color (black or brown), polyurethane coating and then using a solvent to lighten the top color, revealing the lighter under color on the seams. It’s safe, very effective and easy to manufacture garments in bulk. Printing an antique look can be done on suede, faux suede, leather and real leather. Antique printing gives a clouded effect to the skin or fabric, creating highs and lows on the surface as if the garment has been aged. Vintage or Antique leather look is key for Steampunk, Western and Neo-Victorian trends.

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